Gourmet philosophy

Functional gourmet food is made in the kitchen, not in the lab. At Monk nutrition we're based on old established active ingredient formulas proven by age. Raw materials are only processed to maintain or enhance natural quality. Quality and taste are our priority. Finding the right extraordinary raw materials often takes years, so we only have a few products, but every product is a gift. The gift of nature, without taste substitutes, pure without preservatives and other health enhancements. High-quality raw material deserves a high-quality processing process and it can only be fully utilised in this way. Our kitchen is our monastery, where every single element must function like a watch.


Extraordinary raw materials with extraordinary properties are being enhanced here. We approach each raw material with the entire monastery's knowledge and experience. Our kitchen is full of modern equipment, because at Monk nutrition we're looking for the best raw materials processing possible. RAW processing is a matter of course for us. Our ingredients are rich in taste and usually also rich in vitamins. Recipes and processing are designed to support the usability of vitamins while maintaining the greatest possible number of vitamins.

Monk's nutrition is pure and based on traditions. A Monk doesn't think about how to profit from people by adding chemicals, he doesn't even think about how to earn. Monk offers you pure recipes and looks for ways to help and improve health. At Monk Nutrition, we realise that functional food needs to have rich health benefits as well as taste great. It's only through taste that we can eat functional foods regularly to get the maximum effect from them. Monk Gourmet's taste and overall approach to creating functional foods is what can help you to improve your sports feelings, enjoy sport and be happier. Giving yourself a great taste of the gifts of nature from monks for great performance.

Did you know that...

The Great Taste Awards is a prestigious international taste award given in London?



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